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“A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.”

– Jeff Duntemann

Core vents are installed to facilitate the release of gases from tooling and effectively fill the core box with sand.

Depending on the process involved, i.e., Hot Box, Cold Box or Shell, various resins & catalysts are introduced to the sand, which results in the emission of heat & gas during the core shooting process, these core vents provide a channel for an escape to these elements and provide a smooth finish to the core.

Without proper core venting, there remains a possibility of air entrapment which can cause cavity and many other types of core defects. These core vents are necessary for even treatment of the cores with anime gas.

Core vents consist of two sections, head & walls. While fitting in the core box, the head section gets in line with the parent surface and results in an even surface with openings that are either slotted or screen depending on the type of core vent used.

25mm Taper Slotted Brass Core Vents

Slotted Core Vents

25mm Screen Mesh Core Vents

Screen Core Vents

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