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Frequently asked questions.

Are all core vents knurled?

Optional feature. Knurling is a standard feature of core vents and are present in majority of our product range. But if you prefer, we can also offer non-knurled core vents.

What parameters of core vents are customizable?

Parameters like Diameter(Size), Height, Slot Size or Mesh Size, Head Thickness can be customized as per your requirement. Even some of our customers prefer specific Wall Thickness. So, almost all the parameters are customizable, if they are not affecting basic structure of the Core Vents.

What are the lead times?

Lead time depends upon the quantity and variety of products involved in particular order. Generally we dispatches regular sizes within a week from confirmed order.

What are the payment options?

Currently, we prefer to accept payment in US$ via Bank Transfer. Payment terms include advance payment of full value before dispatch.

What about the packaging of products?

Our standard packaging includes three layers; Core Vents packed in a bag of 100, put inside a cardboard box, and finally all boxes are packaged into a cardboard carton.