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25mm Parallel Slotted Steel Core Vents

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  • Made from EN1A Steel
  • Suitable to use at higher temperature
  • Nickel Platted for better corrosion resistance
Customization Possibilities:
  • Diameter : 3mm to 35mm
  • Height : 6mm to 10mm
  • Head Thickness : 1mm to 6mm
  • Slot : 0.20mm to 0.80mm
If your requirement is different from standard offering, you can Contact us.
Opening Area Details:
Slot Size / Mesh NoSupport RingSlot CountOpening % of Vent SizeOpening % of Effective Diameter
*Note: Specifications are correct at the time of publishing. Advisable to re-confirm the specification at the time of ordering.
Support Type:
  • No support required
Installation Method:
  • Knurled Vents are suitable for Press-Fit installation
  • Plain Vents are suitable for Screw-Fit installation but can be installed by Press-Fit too
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