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Technical Resource

Various Support types generally used in Core Vents.

Reinforcement Ring Support for Slotted Core Vents

Pin Support for Slotted Core Vents

Ring Support for Mesh Core Vents

Pin Support for Mesh Core Vents

To prevent deformation of slots or mesh, additional support is provided in core vents. This support can be in form of reinforcement ring, external ring or pin assembled separately in core vents. Below are details of each support type.

  • Reinforcement Rings are mainly used with slotted core vents. These rings are made at the time of manufacturing main body of core vent. Rings can be 1, 2, or more depending on the size of core vents. These rings keep wall of core vent connected after making slots and prevents deformation of slots at the time of installation in tooling. It also helps to maintain slot size equal during core shooting.
  • Pin support for slotted core vents is another form of support to maintain symmetry of slots while installing and using it. Compared to reinforcement ring, the pin is installed after making slots and is a separate part than main body. But it covers less area compared to reinforcement ring and thus give more opening.
  • Ring support for Mesh Core Vents is separate part and assembled with body at later stage. The same way as slotted core vents, it provides support to mesh. Compared to pin support for mesh core vents, ring provides equal support to all mesh surface and keeps mesh near flat.
  • Pin support for Mesh Core Vents is also separate part as ring and assembled with body at later stage. Depending on size of core vent, 1 or 2 pins are used to support mesh. While pin support gives more opening compared to ring, but do not provide full support like ring support and there are chances of deformation of mesh. Which leads to unwanted impression on core.

Various Installation types used for Core Vents.

Press Fit Installation

Screw Fit Installation

To fix Core Vent at its place, there are two methods. One is press fit the core vent and another is fix it with the help of screw.

  • Press Fit Installation is the most common method used all over. Most of the core vents have either knurl or raised step slighter bigger than core vent size. This feature helps the vent to be press fitted and hold its place.
  • Screw Fit Installation is also used at some places. In this method core vent is held on its place using a screw.